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Standard Height of a Badminton Net in Feet, Cm, & Inches

height of a badminton net in feet, cm, and inches

Have you ever faced such a situation when you are well aware of the dimensions of the badminton court (in meters), but your mind goes blank regarding the net height and width?

It is one of the most important gears required to play this sport, and so important is its dimensions.

And today, in this post, we will discuss the height of this foremost gear but before that, if you haven’t bought a racket yet and are confused then check out the must-read article on the 10 best badminton rackets in India 2023.

So let’s begin:

Height of a Badminton Net from the Ground (in Feet)

badminton net height in feet

The width of a net is 20 feet, and the height of the posts is 5 feet 1 inch long from the ground.

While its height at the centre is 5 feet, and its overall height is 2 feet and 6 inches.

Height of a Badminton Net in cm 

badminton net height in cm The width of the net is 610 cm long, whereas the height of the posts is 155 cm long from the ground.

And at the centre, it measures 152.4 cm, while its overall height is 76 cm.

Height of a Badminton Net in Inches

badminton net height in inches

The height of the net measures 30 inches, while its width is 240 inches.

While the height of the net at the centre is 60 inches, and the height of the posts is 61 inches from the ground.

Rules to maintain the net height


There are some rules and regulations which are set by BWF and must be applied to maintain the height of the net:

  • A net comprises a fine cord with 15-20 mm mesh. A cable is attached at the top of this mesh cord, which helps tension it. Also, this cable is wrapped with 75 mm white tape.
  • The cord indulged on the net must be colourful or dark to be easily visible.
  • Whether singles or doubles, the net is always attached to the posts on the double’s sidelines.
  • If you want to maintain, the net should be properly stretched and placed in the posts.

Also, remember: No space should be left between the posts and the end of the net.

What materials are used in a badminton net?

nylon badminton net

Nylon is the common material used and indulged in a cord mesh of a net.

Polyester and vinyl indulge in the net but are not durable and strong as nylon.

Therefore outdoor nets are made up of nylon, making them water-resistant, durable, and sturdy.

And materials like nylon, polyester, and steel are commonly used for tensioning cables.

Nylon and polyester cables are much easier to handle than steel.

But in the case of durability, steel cables are one of the best options.

Different types of badminton nets

There are basically three types of nets:

Indoor Nets

indoor badminton net

These nets are used for indoor courts and help reduce wind’s effect on the shuttle or while hitting it.

These indoor nets are not only attractive but are also very easy and simple to set up.

Rather than this, it has a weighted T-Bar mechanism, which provides it with more stability and can be set up on any surface level.

And in comparison to the other nets here, you do not require galvanized ironwire and other elements to set it up.

Outdoor Nets

outdoor badminton net

These nets are made up of high-quality and long-lasting materials.

And it help them to survive through the weather and make them perfect for outdoor matches and tournaments.

Outdoor nets are fixed against stakes and are put vertically into the ground.

And buying these outdoor nets is a one-time investment and one of the best ways to stay active.

Portable Nets

portable badminton nets

Portable nets are best for performing recreational activities.

These nets can be easily uprooted and placed on any surface without losing stability.

These nets are made of high-quality vinyl or nylon strands, making them suitable, stable, and long-lasting.

Rather than this, these are budget-friendly and durable. Also, you can even carry it from one place to another easily.

Final Words

I hope this post has helped you clear your doubts and confusion regarding the height of a badminton net.

And now you must also know that this gear is an important factor in this game.

Because if you don’t set up the net appropriately at the exact height, you might face some problems while playing, especially while performing any type of shot.

And in case you face any problems or are there any questions going on in your mind, then feel free to ask or pin them up in the comment section below.

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