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Advanced Badminton Skills (Become a Pro)

advanced badminton skills

After you master basic badminton skills, you must learn some advanced skills.

These advanced skills will bring your game to the next level.

For which all you need is a partner with whom you can practice these skills and techniques.

But if you are a beginner or new to this sport, you first need to go through the beginner’s guide, which will help you to it in 7 easy steps

After that, read this article and master these advanced skills.

So let’s begin with these skills:

Advanced Badminton Skills

Attacking Clear

Attacking clears is among the most powerful offensive shots.

It is also known as an attacking lob.

This shot is played to get your opponent out of his position and force him to return a weak shot.

Remember: If you are fast enough to play attacking clear, it can help you win a rally.

Now let me inform you how an attacking clear is performed:

  • Get into a ready position and lunge forward to the front court.
  • Hold the racket with the help of a backhand grip for backhand stroke or forehand grip for forehand stroke.
  • After getting close to the net, raise your racket arm and try to hit the shuttle with an underarm swing motion.

Here are some points that you need to remember while performing an attacking clear:

  • A clear is performed closer to the net.
  • Do not indulge a lot of power while performing an underarm swing.
  • Try not to lift the shuttle upwards. Rather try to hit the shuttle forward.

To understand better, click on the video given below:

Drive or Push

A drive shot is one of the fast offensive shots usually played down the court line, right across the badminton net.

It forces the opponent to perform a lift or hit the shuttle upwards, which gives you a chance to beat the opponent or score a point.

And in case your height is tall enough compared to your opponent, you may face many problems while playing these drives.

So let me inform you how this drive is performed:

  • Take your stance and stand in the middle of the court.
  • Hold the racket with the help of a forehand grip.
  • Move your racket leg forward.
  • Then hit the shuttle with the help of your wrist movements.

Here are some points that you need to remember while performing a drive shot:

  • Try to slow down and control your shots.
  • Try to recover your base position after executing a shot.
  • If you are taller than your opponent, you must avoid performing drives.
  • Use your non-racket arm to balance your body.
  • While performing a drive, do not fully swing your arm.
  • Hit the shuttle when it’s in front of you.
  • Indulge power in your shot with the help of your wrist.

To understand better, click on the video given below:

Advanced Drop Shot

Advanced drop shots are similar to a strong offensive shot.

These shots are usually played very softly, where players try to land the shuttle near the court.

If you play this shot with high speed, then your opponent can not get a chance to hit the shuttle back.

And before learning this shot, you must learn the basic drop shot technique and other basic badminton shots like clear and serve.

There are two different kinds of advanced drop shots:

Cross Court Drop Shot

Cross court drop shot is usually played diagonally across the court.

And an effective cross-court drop shot must fly exactly above the net.

While playing this shot, the shuttle is hit with the help of the slicing technique, which is slightly difficult to master.

It is slightly similar to a basic drop shot.

But there are some differences, which include:

  • Slope your racket head moderately, and remember it must be facing diagonally across the court.
  • Then swing your racket forward to slice the shuttle.

Warning: You need to take care of the sloping extent and amount of pressure you indulge in while hitting the shuttle, as it affects the trajectory of the shuttle.

And to master this shot, you need to practice a lot.

To understand better, click here on the video given below:

Jumping Drop Shot

A jumping drop shot is usually played to mislead your opponent.

It helps you to make your opponent believe that you will perform a jump smash, but you end up with a jump drop shot.

It will confuse your opponent, and he can not return the shuttle, which can be an advantage for you.

The jumping drop shot is similar to the basic drop shot.

But there’s a challenge for the player to hit the shuttle at its highest point with a jump and tries to land it near the net.

There are two different purposes of playing jumping drop shot:

  • To create a steeper angle.
  • Trick or mislead your opponent.

Here are some steps to perform a jump drop shot:

  • Make a high jump in the air.
  • Try to bring the racket in contact with the shuttle at the highest point.
  • And try to land the shuttle near the net.

To understand better, click here on the video given below:

Advanced Net Shot

Advanced net shots are played to dominate the front-court area.

This shot is also known as a spinning net shot.

While performing this shot, the player tries to tumble and spin the shuttle above the net towards the opponent’s court.

The main objective of playing this shot is to force your opponent to perform a lift so that you can return with a powerful smash.

Here are some steps to perform an advanced net shot:

  • With the help of your racket leg, lunge forward towards the net.
  • Raise your racket arm and shoulder high to hit the shuttle.
  • Do not hold the racket tightly.
  • To get better control, move your head slightly towards your racket shoulder.
  • Then slice the shuttle.

To understand better, click here on the video given below:

Final Words

Learning advanced badminton skills can help you to enhance the quality of your game.

But remember, you need to learn and practice these skills with amazing techniques and under the supervision of an experienced player or a coach.

And using a good technique is key to avoiding injuries that come your way.

And in case you face any problems or are there any questions going on in your mind, then feel free to ask us or pin them up in the comment section below.

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