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Basic Badminton Gear and Equipment Every Player Must Have

basic badminton gear and equipment

Badminton is a racket sport played using a racket, shuttlecock (also called a birdie), and a net, which are the vital gears required on the court. And choosing the right badminton gear and equipment can help you drastically enhance your game and skills.

The most common form of this sport is singles (one player per side) and doubles (two players per side).

And apart from a racket, shuttle, or net, there is much other gear and equipment you need to know about to prevent injuries.

Therefore, every player must have a list of essential equipment before starting.

So let’s begin:

Badminton Gear and Equipment That Players Must Have

Now take a look at these foremost gear and equipment which a player must have on a court:

1. Racket

badminton racket

A racket is one essential gear used to hit the shuttle from one side of the court to another.

It has five parts- stringed area, head, throat, shaft, and handle.

The upper part of the racket is called the frame, which measures 680 mm in length and 230 mm in width.

These rackets are made of aluminum, carbon, tungsten, and graphite.

And the strings of the racket are made up of synthetic materials.

2. Shuttlecock


The shuttlecock is also known as Birdie.

It is a high-drag projectile and holds a conical shape, which is open from above.

These shuttlecocks are composed of goose feathers, plastic, and synthetic fiber indulged in a cork or rubber base.

3. Shoes 

badminton shoes

Badminton shoes are slightly different from any other sports shoes.

These shoes provide a fantastic grip, traction, and stability on the court while playing.

They are lightweight, prevent injuries, hold an excellent non-marking rubber grip, and provide more lateral support.

Non-marking shoes are designed and manufactured especially for indoor sports.

And these shoes hold a supreme sole, which does not leave any mark on the court.

Rather than this, these shoes are best for playing on wooden and tiled floors.

4. Net

badminton net

The height of a badminton net is 0.76 meters, whereas the width of the net is 6.1 meters and is placed 159 meters high from the court surface and in the center of the court.

It divides the court into two equal parts and allows players to hit the shuttle from one court to another.

Nylon is the standard material used and indulged in a cord mesh of a net.

Rather than this, polyester and vinyl are also indulged in the net, but they are not durable and strong as nylon.

Therefore outdoor nets are made up of nylon, making them water-resistant, durable, and sturdy.

There are three types of nets:

  • Indoor Net
  • Outdoor Net
  • Portable Net

5.  Attire 

badminton attire

You might have seen that every sport has its different attire.

Likewise, badminton has different attire for its players, including shorts, skirts, synthetic sports t-shirts, shoes, socks, and tracksuits.

They allow you to move comfortably on different types of court and perform fast and frequent moves.

Benefits of wearing a attire

  • It prevents sweating.
  • The t-shirt and shorts are lightweight and do not let the player down while playing.
  • Block and protect yourself from UV rays.
  • It provides better comfort while playing.
  • Enhance and boost your confidence.
  • A polyester skirt and t-shirt maximize your lunges and jumps.
  • It helps to differentiate between the players.

6. Grips

badminton grip

A grip helps you to hold the racket ideally.

These grips can help you in enhancing your game.

It might seem insignificant to some, but it is a world of change for professionals and experts.

There are usually three badminton racket grips: rubber grip, towel grip, and over grip.

Players commonly use rubber grips because these grips come along and are attached to the racket, and such grips are not durable and robust.

Towel grips are made of synthetic rubber, fused with the outer layer of cotton or other synthetic absorbent fibers.

This grip is the best option for sweaty palms because it helps absorb sweat and gives you a great hold while performing quick and frequent shots.

However, this grip might feel thick and stop absorbing sweat after some time.

And if we talk about over-grip, these grips are skinny and stretchy compared to rubber and towel grips.

This grip is placed over the other original grips per its name.

These can be quickly wrapped around multiple times to increase the thickness of the shaft according to your comfort.

Rather than this, these grips are easy to wrap and tear.

But all you require is good skill and technique of wrapping it around.

Warning: In case you use the false grip on your racket, there are more chances you can face severe injuries like blisters and rashes.

7. Grip Powder

grip powder

Grip powder is made up of Magnesium Carbonate Hemihydrate.

It helps you get a proper grip while playing and holding a badminton racket.

This powder is majorly used by those players who use towel grips because when the grip gets wet and slippery, this powder here helps to regain the grip.

Remember: This powder is unsuitable for synthetic and rubber grips.

It will make the grip more slippery and uncomfortable.

8. Wristband/ Headbands

wrist band and head band

Wristbands and headbands are worn around the head and wrist.

These bands help wipe the sweat off your arms, wrist, and forehand while playing.

These bands are very cheap, and one can easily afford them.

Rather than this, these bands are lightweight, durable, and hold a comfortable texture.

9. Knee Cap

knee cap

If you want to prevent your knees from facing injuries, you need to opt for a knee cap supporter.

The primary work of these knee caps is to keep your joints warm and lubricated.

It allows your joints to stretch and function well.

Also, these knee caps are comfortable to wear and enhance your blood circulation.

10. Tracker 

badminton tracker

It is a powerful, intelligent, wireless sensor that works as a brilliant tracker and tracks down your game.

Also, it provides you with personalized feedback about your playing style.

This tracker indulges with a futuristic sensor, which helps precisely track your swings and speed.

This magical sensor weighs approx 6 grams and is very lightweight.

It holds a lithium-ion battery, which is rechargeable and long-lasting.

Final Words

When opting for the right badminton gear, I’ll always advise you to choose the suitable one.

It doesn’t matter if you are a professional, intermediate, or beginner.

You will always require these essential gear and equipment.

These gear and equipment are a must to play any competitive matches.

And a proper playing kit and attire of a player also define his game and level.

So before entering the court or participating in any competitive match, ensure you have all these gear.

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