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How To Play Good Badminton Doubles (A Complete Guide)

how to play badminton doubles

Badminton is a racket sport.

It is played in two different forms; Singles and Doubles.

Doubles have different styles of play as compared to singles.

Here two players work together to retrieve the shuttle to another court.

In doubles, the players must have an excellent ability of formation.

Rather than this, the players must have a good understanding and coordination in the game, which can help them to play more effectively.

So now let’s discuss some points on how one can play good in doubles:

How to Play Good Badminton Doubles

how to play good badminton doubles

Communication or interaction

Communication is one of the primary factors which is required for playing doubles.

You might have seen some professional players interacting with each other before one of them performs a serve.

It is so because using different kinds of serves like flick and drive service can help them trick their opponent easily.

And to make your partner ready for the return of service, communication is a must.

Also, the players use different signals and signs to communicate.

Players also communicate with each other to discuss their goals and strategies.

Rather than this, it also helps the players to become a more effective team.

Master how to perform a serve, return a serve, and third shot

Serve and receive are two prime strokes in doubles.

And the service box is short in doubles.

So the main aim of players is to keep the shuttlecock as low as possible.

The way you hit the shuttle and perform a server decides whether you will win or lose the point or not.

So all doubles players must master how to serve and basic badminton shots.

If you force a weaker return from your opponent, you will have more chances to win the rally.

Effective formation

There are two different types of formations in doubles:

  • Attacking formation.
  • Defensive formation.

A whole match can be played using these formations.

So you need to master these two formations, which will help you enhance your doubles game.

In attacking formation, the attacker must be present in the backcourt, while the setter must be in the frontcourt.

You must apply this formation when you force your opponent to perform a lift shot.

And you have to communicate with your partner first to prepare before returning the shot.

Rather than this, you and your partner have to perform two different roles while executing these formations:

  • The player on the front court will secure the net position and force his opponent to perform some lift shots by pressurizing him.
  • Perform a mash if your opponent plays a poor-quality lift.
  • The player present at the backcourt will return the shots with powerful smashes.

Simply put, a setter will try to cover the frontcourt, while the attacker will go for the backcourt.

Talking about defensive formation, then this formation is formed when you perform a lift or a high clearance.

Then you have to come in a defensive position immediately.

You and your partner must stand in your respective half-court to defend your opponent’s powerful smashes.

Work on your footwork

It doesn’t matter if it is singles or doubles; footwork is essential in every game.

But there’s a positive point in playing doubles.

Here you have a partner, so you don’t have to cover the entire court yourself.

Doubles are about performing explosive, fast, and frequent moves on your toes.

So it would be best if you worked on your footwork for better coordination and mutual understanding.

Hold your defensive position right

Remember, you can’t always attack your opponent, whether its badminton, singles, or doubles.

With offensive skills, you also need to master some defensive skills.

You need to set up an area and enable yourself and your partner to cover a wide area.

It will help you reach the shuttle easily, even if your opponent plays a powerful smash or any other shot.

Aim at the middle of the court

Always remember, when you are in an attacking position, try to aim your shot in the opponent’s middle court.

Here your opponents will be holding the defensive formation and standing side by side.

It will force them to make a quick decision as to who will receive the shuttle.

And this moment of indecision can make them lose a point.

Also, you can trick them by pretending to hit a smash; instead, you hit a drop shot in the middle of the court, which can be an advantage.

Trust your partner

Doubles is a team game.

And if you want to play good badminton doubles, you must trust and understand your partner as it is the foundation between you two.

Also, if you want to score more points and win rallies, you must play as a team, requiring mutual understanding, communication, and coordination.

You even need to practice with your partner and improve your basic skills.

Also, remember: You always need to stay positive and try to team up with your partner in every way.

Work on your speed and skills

Playing Doubles is all about speed, power, strength, and skills.

You and your partner must be prepared to face your opponent’s strokes.

Also, you must understand your opponent’s playing pattern, strengths, and weaknesses, which might give you an advantage while playing doubles.

Place smashes with purpose

You’re mistaken if you think that attacking in badminton doubles is an easy task.

Because if you perform some continuous smashes without any strategy and planning, then it will be just a waste of energy.

So I will suggest you place these smashes with purpose like:

  • Try to hit the shuttle straight to the opponent’s body with a smash.
  • Smash down the tramlines.
  • Try to smash in the gap between the two players.
  • Smash all the way cross-court.

Enjoy the game

It doesn’t matter if it is badminton singles or doubles.

You need to enjoy every shot that you play on the court.

Sometimes, the players get frustrated under pressure, which can affect your and your partner’s gameplay.

So you need to be calm and patient and enjoy the game, whether you win or lose the match.

And it should not affect your partnership and coordination with your partner.

Final Words

Four players are on the court in doubles, two on each side.

And to play doubles, players should be physically fit and have excellent coordination and understanding with their partners because the players need to work together to score a point.

Also, you should be focused on your opponent’s moves and shots, which can prepare you for the next moves.

So these were some factors which will allow you with your doubles game.

And if you still have doubts, or are there any questions regarding this post, how to play good badminton doubles, then feel free to ask us in the comment section below.

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