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How To Select A Good Pair Of Badminton Shoes: A Complete Guide

Badminton shoes

Badminton is a racket sport played using a racket, shuttlecock (also called a birdie), and a net, which are the vital gears required on the court.

It is one of the fastest sports, where a player has to perform many movements on the court.

And to perform such fast movements, a player requires a perfect pair of shoes that provide a fantastic grip, traction, and stability to the player on the court.

Badminton shoes are slightly different from other sports shoes; they are lightweight, help to prevent injuries, hold an excellent non-marking rubber grip, and provide more lateral support.

Rather than this, these shoes are best for playing on wooden and synthetic floors.

And today, in this post, I’m going to explain some top features of these shoes, which will help you select a good pair of shoes for yourself.

How to choose a perfect pair of badminton shoes?

A good pair of shoes helps to enhance your performance and prevent injuries on the court.

Also, a good pair of shoes holds some specific features, which include:

Material of the shoe

Badminton is a fast physical sport; if you play it in high temperatures, it becomes necessary to have a shoe that allows air to pass through the material.  

And for this, the material indulged in the shoes must be breathable, which makes the shoe sweat absorbing and prevent them from becoming smelly.

Also, the upper part of the material should be thick, preventing the foot from sliding out when you move from side to side.

So now the question is how to know whether the shoe you buy is breathable or not.

You can look for a few things to know how much a shoe is breathable.

  • Look at the upper material of shoes and check whether they have tiny pores or if there is any other space through which air can pass.
  • Also, check the collar of the shoe (mouth of shoe ) that it is made of fabric that does not absorb water.

Size of the shoe

You should always opt for the right size shoes for yourself or your loved ones.

And while buying one, you must keep these points in your mind:

  • Always measure the size of your foot in cm at home instead of going to a shop and asking the shopkeeper to give a shoe size because every company has a different length of shoe in the same size number, so always measure your foot size in cm.
  • Always measure both your foot before buying a pair of shoes because some players have unequal feet and if you are one of those, then go for the size of your larger foot.
  • If you think that over-usage will stretch the length of the shoes, then you are wrong because it rarely happens. It would help if you bought a pair of shoes that fits you well.
  • Also, remember that there should be a bit gap of approx half-inch between your toe, thumb, and the tip of the shoe.

Sole of the shoe

If we talk about the sole of the shoes, let me inform you that these shoes hold non-marking soles, slightly different from other sports shoes.

Non-Marking sole does not leave marks while playing, which is necessary when playing on a wooden or synthetic court.

Most competitive tournaments are played on wooden and synthetic courts, and if you play with other sports shoes rather than non-marking shoes, it can damage the court surface and lead you to severe injuries.

Now let me explain how to differentiate between regular sports shoes and non-marking shoes.

Take a shoe, flip it, and press the sole using your fingernail.

If the sole is dented, it’s likely to be a non-marking shoe, and the sole is soft and won’t cause any marks.

Remember: If you play on a cement court, then using these shoes will do no benefit to you.

Flexibility of the shoe

You must look for two types of flexibility while buying badminton shoes for yourself:

1. Vertical flexibility

Vertical flexibility generally refers to the tendency of your shoe to bend from the toe box.

It is necessary because while playing this sport, a lot of bending of the toe is needed, and if your toe box material is not flexible, then the pasting of the shoe will come off.

2. Twisting flexibility

Twisting flexibility is just the opposite of vertical flexibility.

And if your shoe midsole does not have support to restrict the excessive twisting of the shoe, you are more exposed to an ankle injury.

Weight of the shoe

I will always suggest you go for lightweight shoes.

The weight of your shoes also plays a significant role here because badminton is one of the fastest racket sports, and if you are playing with weighted shoes, you will get tired quickly, and it becomes apparent that you might face some injury on the court.

Price of the shoe

Always look for a pair of shoes according to your game level, which is also best in durability, stability, and flexibility; overall, it must be under your budget.

Before buying a pair of shoes for yourself or your loved ones, you must be clear about your budget and shop according to it.

And as per this, many brands are available in the market that provides you with a perfect pair of shoes.

Ankle support

The mouth of a shoe is known as a collar, and it should be mid-cut and not low-cut, mostly in running shoes.

And I will always recommend you buy a shoe with a mid-cut collar because it helps cover your ankle and keep your ankle safe, especially when performing lateral movement on the court.

Also, remember that the quarter of your shoe should be solid because it helps to prevent ankle twisting.

Ergonomic shape

One of the famous brands, Yonex, first designed this concept for its shoes.

In this, a specially designed shape is provided at the forefoot and toe area of the badminton shoes.

It provides better comfort and equilibrium to your toes, ankles, and feet.

Rather than this, it also provides better flexibility and stability at the forefoot and toe area, which helps you to perform some effective and speedy moves.


Cushioning is also one of the essential features and should be indulged in your shoes as it provides the power to absorb shocks caused by player movement.

And Power Cushion Technology absorbs shock and reverses the impact energy for smooth transfer into the next shot.

Also, it helps the player to improve balance and reduce the chances of facing an injury due to a heavy shock impact on the knees.

Final Words

I hope now you can ideally select a suitable pair of badminton shoes for yourself or your loved ones.

And make sure to consider all performance-enhancing factors before making the purchase.

Also, ensure that the shoes help prevent you from facing an injury and enhance your skills and game.

And in case you face any problem or is there any question going on in your mind regarding this post, then feel free to ask us or put it up in the comment section below.

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