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How To Stop Badminton Shoes From Squeaking?

How To Stop Badminton Shoes From Squeaking?

It can be embarrassing and uncomfortable to have squeaky shoes if you are on the court and playing any tournament or a match. The insoles within the shoes, the shoe bottoms, or the shoe’s outside components can all make squeaking noises.

Fortunately, you can generally solve the issue at home, regardless of where the squeaking originates. And therefore, here in this article, we will discuss some of the easiest ways and tricks to get rid of such squeaking shoes.

So let’s dive in:

Top 10 easy ways to get rid of squeaking badminton shoes

Let’s beginn with:

1. Sprinkle powder

Generally, moisture gets trapped when shoes rub against each other, leading to squeaking sounds. So to get rid of this annoying sound, simply just lift the insoles and take a baby powder and sprinkle it on the insoles.

If the insoles are non-removable, simply rub the baby powder on the edge of its base.

Sprinkle powder

Rather than baby powder, you can also use corn starch, baking powder or any other talcum powder. It will help absorb moisture from your shoes’ insoles and make them smooth and frictionless.

2. Leather conditioner

Shoes made of leather can be moisturized and protected with leather conditioners. This conditioner can be used on leather surfaces to soften the leather and lessen friction.

If your new shoes make noise when you run or walk across the court, try adding leather conditioner to the shoes’ exterior to stop the noise. Once used, wipe it down with a dry cloth.

Leather conditioner

Also, remember that if you own suede shoes, you must use a specific leather conditioner designed for suede footwear.

3. WD-40

Water displacement sprays, called WD40, have both anti-corrosion and lubricating qualities. As both a solvent and a degreaser, it aids in water displacement.


Hence, while applying WD-40, take a cotton ball and soak it in a little silicone spray or WD-40 before applying it to the shoe’s outer seams. For your badminton shoes, it works wonders at getting rid of squeaks and scratches, smudges, and oily stains without harming the shoes’ material.

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4. Soften your soles

The sole of new badminton shoes tends to be noisier than shoes used daily. So, if you’re also facing the same problem, then in that case, you can speed up the process by using sandpaper to gently rub it down the bottom of your squeaky shoes to soften them.

Soften your soles

Also there are some other methods to soften your soles that includes:

  • One approach is to use heat to soften the soles of your shoes. Take a hairdryer and apply heat to the soles for a few minutes. Once the soles become warm and pliable, gently bend and flex them with your hands. It can help soften the material and make the soles more flexible.
  • Another way to soften the soles is to wear your badminton shoes indoors for short periods. Walk around on a carpeted surface or any softer indoor area, allowing the pressure and movement to gradually soften the soles. It will help to break them in and make them more comfortable.
  • Use your hands or a soft cloth to massage the soles of your shoes. Apply gentle pressure and knead the material to make it more pliable. It can help to soften the soles and make them more comfortable.

5. Apply petroleum jelly

As your insole grinds against the inside of your shoe, noises may begin to be produced. Apply a little petroleum jelly or lotion under the insole as a temporary repair to make the pieces rub against one another more easily. After applying the petroleum jelly, leave it to be absorbed by the insoles for a few hours or overnight. It will help soften the material and reduce friction when you wear the shoes.

Apply petroleum jelly

But remember: Do not apply an excessive amount of petroleum jelly, as an excessive amount can make the insoles slippery and lead you to face some severe injuries.

6. Rub with a dryer sheet

If you are wearing new badminton shoes to the court and making annoying squeaking sounds because the bottoms are too slick. In that case, you must head to the laundry room and find a dryer sheet.

Rub with a dryer sheet

After finding a dryer sheet, slip it under the insole or rub the bottoms of your shoes with a dryer sheet every few times you wear them so that it can create a buffer and stop the noise.

7. Rub on a saddle soap

Shoelaces are another common source of squeaky shoes. When the laces on leather shoes rub against the tongue, your footwear can start crying out with every step.

So to stop this, you can use saddle soap, a conditioning cream that can be used to lubricate shoes. It even helps in stopping the squeaking sound of your shoes.

Rub on a saddle soap

Saddle soap is easily available in the market, and you can buy it online. If you don’t want to order saddle soap, try applying conditioning oil to the tongues instead.

Also, remember: You may need to reapply the saddle soap after the first application wears off.

8. Fix loose heels

If there is a gap between the upper and bottom parts of your shoe, they will create a squeaking sound. Loose shoe bottoms can also cause squeaking noises when you walk, so reattaching them may solve the problem. So to cover or fill up the gap, you can use superglue and clamp it down until the glue dries completely.

Fix loose heels

If you don’t have clamps, try setting something heavy on your shoe or wrapping rubber bands around it to hold the bottom and upper parts of the shoe in place. Let the super glue dry for 24 hours before wearing your shoes.

9. Put paper towels underneath the insoles

Fold two paper towels as they are small enough to fit inside your shoes, and then slip them underneath the insoles.

Putting paper towels underneath helps prevent them from moving around and squeaking as much when walking.

Put paper towels underneath the insoles

Also remember: change the paper towels after you wear the shoes a few times so they don’t start to smell. And in case you don’t have paper towels then you can also use napins or dryer sheets instead.

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10. Apply coconut oil under the insoles

Applying coconut oil under your insoles can help lubricate your insoles and stop your badminton shoes from squeaking.

So, just remove your insoles and gently rub the oil on the bottom of the inside part of your shoes. Then reinsert the insoles.

Apply coconut oil under the insoles 

But while applying the oil, you keep some points in your head that you must apply a very thin layer on the insoles, as excessive amounts of oil can make them slippery. And if this hack works for you, you can reapply the oil if your shoes start squeaking again.

Final Words

So, these were some of the easiest and simple tricks and hacks that will help you to get rid of squeaking badminton shoes. And I hope now you can easily fix this problem right at home.

And in case you face any problems or have any questions going through your mind, feel free to ask us or pin them in the comment section below.

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