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How To Get Rid of Smelly Badminton Shoes?

How to get rid of smelly badminton shoes?

Badminton shoes can develop a bad odor over time due to many factors. Like many other sports, badminton can cause your shoes to become sweaty and damp, especially after a lengthy and demanding session. And if you don’t do something about it, your shoes will eventually become a haven for lots of bacteria and become smelly.

This smell can be unpleasant and disturbing, making you feel embarrassed and guilty when sitting with another person. Also, it makes it uncomfortable to wear the shoes on the court.

And if you are also tired of that bad odor from your badminton shoes after practising or playing matches and want to get rid of this bad smell.

Well, then you’re at the right place, as in this post, we will discuss and explore some of the best ways to get rid of these smelly shoes and keep them clean and refreshing.

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So let’s dive in:

What causes smelly badminton shoes?

Here are some common causes that make your badminton shoes smelly:

1. Sweating


Our feet may sweat a lot while engaging in vigorous physical exercise, such as playing badminton, which can accumulate moisture in our shoes and make them smelly. Our feet may sweat

2. Poor ventilation

Poor ventilation

Lack of ventilation or tight-fitting shoes can trap heat and moisture, making it harder for them to dry out and encouraging the growth of bacteria and fungi.

3. Not drying shoes properly

Not drying shoes properly

If shoes are not thoroughly dried out after usage, moisture may linger inside, fostering the growth of bacteria and fungi and making your shoes smelly.

4. Bacteria and fungi

Bacteria and fungus

Bad smell and odor can also be caused by bacteria and fungi that thrive in the damp environment found within shoes. So to protect your shoes from these bacteria and fungi, you must wash and clean them regularly.

5. Wearing shoes without socks

Wearing shoes without socks

Lack of socks when wearing badminton shoes might lead to more sweat and bacterial growth.

6. Using shoes for activities other than badminton

Using shoes for activities other than badminton

When badminton shoes are used for activities like running or hiking, they may be exposed to various bacteria and fungi that can result in odor accumulation.

Top 10 effective ways to get rid of smelly badminton shoes

Let’s begin with:

1. Proper ventilation

Before buying a badminton shoe, you must check whether the shoes are ventilated. The idea behind shoe ventilation is to disperse heat and sweat produced by the foot away from the interior of the shoe, so lowering its internal temperature and humidity.

Proper ventilation

So, remove the insole from your shoes and loosen the laces to let air circulate inside to prevent odor from developing. Also, you can store your shoes in a space with good ventilation to aid in thorough drying.

2. Wash your shoes

Regulary wash your shoes using mild detergent and warm water, as it will help in removing the dirt and odor completely.

Wash your shoes

But remember: scrub the shoes’ soles, sides, and insoles with the brush to remove dirt and bacteria. Also, let the shoes completely dry before you wear them again.

3. Use baking soda

Baking soda, a basic household substance found in most kitchens, is one of the most popular and efficient ways to remove unpleasant odor from shoes. For odor neutralization and moisture absorption, sprinkle baking soda inside the shoes. Shake away the excess baking soda before re-wearing the shoes after leaving them in for a few hours.

Use baking soda

Another option is to sprinkle baking soda within the footbed and let it sit overnight to absorb the moisture and odor. And shake out any extra baking soda before putting on the shoes.

These two techniques are easy, cheap, and efficient for keeping your badminton shoes fresh.

4. Use odor-neutralizing sprays

To eliminate bacteria and fungi, spray the inside of the shoes with an odor-neutralizing solution.

Use odor-neutralizing sprays

It absorb moisture and eliminate odors, so you can also use odor-neutralizing inserts inside the shoes.

5. Wear socks

Put on tidy socks that are composed of breathable materials. Such as cotton or bamboo to absorb sweat and stop the growth of microorganisms.

Wear socks

When engaging in extended periods of physical activity, frequently change your socks.

6. Alternate shoes

Do not consistently use the same pair of badminton shoes.

Alternate shoes

Rotate at least two pairs of shoes to ensure enough time to dry properly between uses.

7. Use teabags

Tea bags are known to absorb moisture and unpleasant scents, especially those that contain black tea.

Use teabags

So to remove the odor from your shoes, leave a few tea bags overnight for better results.

8. Use alcohol

A common cause of the unpleasant odor in badminton shoes is bacteria, which alcohol can successfully eradicate. The shoes must first be dried out before being cleaned. To do this, leave them in the sun for a few hours, then put some rubbing alcohol in a little spray bottle. Spray the footbed of your shoes with enough alcohol to soak it completely. You might also put the rubbing alcohol in a shallow tub and soak your shoes for 5 to 10 minutes.

Use alcohol

After finishing, remove the shoes and let them sit to let the alcohol drain. The bacteria will be eliminated during this procedure, leaving your shoes odorless. If your feet also smell, properly wash them, spray alcohol on them, and then wait for them to evaporate before wiping your feet dry with a cloth or rug.

9. Use essential oils

Essential oils can also help destroy bacteria, such as lavender or tea tree oil, and can assist in getting rid of unpleasant scents and odors in your shoes.

Use essential oils

So simply place a cotton ball with a few drops of oil inside your shoes and remove the bad odor.

10. Use activated charcoal

An efficient natural odor absorber, activated charcoal, can help remove odors from your shoes.

Use activated charcoal

So place a tiny bag filled with activated charcoal inside your shoes and leave it overnight.

Final Words

So following the steps above can help eliminate smelly badminton shoes and keep them fresh for your next game. Also, to get rid of the smell from your shoes, it’s important to clean them properly, remove any dirt or debris, and allow them to dry thoroughly. Washing them with a mild detergent, machine, or hand can help remove odor-causing bacteria.

Afterwards, you can use various methods to deodorize the shoes, such as baking soda, tea bags, dryer sheets, or charcoal inserts.

Additionally, storing the shoes in a well-ventilated area and practicing good shoe hygiene, such as wearing moisture-wicking socks and allowing the shoes to dry fully between uses, can help prevent odors from returning.

And in case you face any problem or is there any question going on in your mind regarding this post, then feel free to ask us or put it up in the comment section below.

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