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Types of Support Cap Technologies In Badminton Rackets

Types of Support Cap Technologies In Badminton Rackets

The racket is your most crucial equipment as it plays a significant role in hitting the shuttlecock back and forth.

A racket generally has five parts- a stringed area, head, throat, shaft, and handle. Also, it holds a cap at the top of the racket’s handle, and these caps hold different shapes and features, which helps grip and handle easily.

And here in this post, we will discuss types of support caps indulged in badminton rackets.

So let’s dive in:

Types of Support Cap Technologies

Here in this post we will discuss four different types of support cap technologies. So let’s begin with:

Control Support Cap

Today badminton rackets are indulged with different advanced technologies, and Control Support Cap is one of them.

Control Support Cap

One of the most popular brands, Yonex, introduced this technology to improve the racket’s gripping, as the cap is a part that connects the racket’s shaft with its handle.

The end of the handle at the cone end and cone used to be more round for a stronger shaft and handle joint.

And a round cone gets in the way of a good grip for shots near the net like doubles serve, dabs at the net, especially backhand dabs, and a round cone also poses some difficulty in racket face orientation feel.

A Control Support Cap makes the cone flatter for a better grip for shots near the net, especially backhand shots and smashes played with the little backswing and plenty of wrists.

But a flatter cone means the thickness of the wooden handle at the cone is thinner on the flat sides, which can be a weak spot on racquets with very long and thin shafts.

Rather than this, a control support cap provides:

  • 88% wider surface
  • Easy gripping
  • Sharpest maneuverability

Vibration Filter Cap

Vibration Filter Cap

The shape and material of the Vibration Filter Cap help to reduce vibration from the shaft that you feel while hitting the shuttlecock.

Rather than this, the vibration Filter Cap delivers clean shots, reduces unwanted vibrations, and provides a soft feel while hitting some powerful strokes on the court.

Power Boost Cap

Power Boost Cap

Power Boost Cap holds a unique shape that helps in maximizing shaft performance.

The front of the cap allows for greater shaft flex, whereas the wider surface of the cap transmits power to the shuttle. The increased width of the cap stabilizes the racquet face by preventing the shaft from twisting.

Overall, I will say that the utilization of the power Boost Cap is to increase snapback.



TFA Cap provides extra shaft flex to accelerate frame recovery after impact. Also provides vibration dampening along with a comfortable fit on your thumb.

In contrast, TFA cap is basically provided at joint of racket shaft and handle. The function of TFA cap is to better acceleration and quickly regaining the shape of frame quickly. TFA cap also give less vibration and helps in better racket handling.

Final Words

Control Support Cap and all these advanced technologies were introduced by Yonex and can be seen in Yonex Series badminton rackets.

These technologies provide you wider surface, better gripping, unwanted vibrations, racket handling, and a soft feel while learning or playing against your opponent.

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