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Home » What Is The Use Of Dynamic Optimum Frame In Badminton Rackets?

What Is The Use Of Dynamic Optimum Frame In Badminton Rackets?

What Is The Use Of Dynamic Optimum Frame In Badminton Rackets?

Li-Ning launched two new racket series (Li-Ning Hi Racket Series and Li-Ning Super Force Series) for beginner to advance badminton players, and these new Li-Ning Badminton rackets are equipped with the latest and innovative racket technologies like High tensile slim shaft, dynamic optimum frame, Ultra carbon material, and many more.

And today, in this post, we will learn more about the dynamic optimum frame, one of the most amazing technologies that help players to play more effectively on the court.

So let’s dive in:

Dynamic Optimum Frame

Dynamic Optimum Frame technology was first introduced by the brand Li-Ning. Li-Ning offered a unique position in the sweet spot area. The sweet spot area in Li-Ning Dynamic optimum frame is a little upwards to the racket head.

It uses an isometric frame design concept, offering players an enlarged sweet spot area, and the hitting point is moved higher. The optimized frame design improves the mechanical racket structure for a more efficient attack and defence system.

Dynamic Optimum Frame 

The hitting velocity is improved considerably with widened stringing area and increased bounce strength so the player can play powerful shots.

And to improve the overall aerodynamics of the racket frame, Li Ning used the aerodynamic frame, which is well known as the Aerotec Beam system.

In the Aerotec beam system, the cross-section of the frame is designed in such a way that the frame feels minimum air resistance. With minimum air resistance, the frame’s overall swing speed is improved, resulting in fast racket handling.

Benefits of Dynamic Optimum Frame

  • Increase stability and power of the badminton racket.
  • Provides enlarged string area and great bounce intensity.
  • Allow the players to perform powerful smashes and strokes.
  • It increases the overall racket mechanical structure for an even more powerful attack and defence mechanism.

Final Words

Dynamic Optimum Frame technology was introduced by Li-Ning, especially for beginners, intermediates, and advanced badminton players. And it helps to enlarge the sweet spot and increase the racket’s power.

Rather than this dynamic optimum frame is slightly similar to the isometric head shape design.

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