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Home » What Is The Use Of Aerotec Beam System In Badminton Rackets?

What Is The Use Of Aerotec Beam System In Badminton Rackets?

What Is The Use Of Aerotec Beam System In Badminton Rackets?

Li-Ning, in 2018, introduced lots of new badminton racket series in the market and other equipment for professional players to the Beginners Level.

As for beginners and intermediate players, Li-Ning launched Hi and Super Force series, whereas, for advanced and professional players, Li-Ning launched the US series. And all these badminton racket series were indulged with some advanced technologies and features, which improved the overall performance of the rackets.

And today, in this post, we will learn more about one of the most popular technologies that Li-Ning indulges in its racket frame, i.e., Aerotec Beam System.

So let’s dive in:

Aerotec Beam System

The Aerotec Beam System is an extra aerodynamic frame structure specially engineered to minimize air resistance while maintaining the frame’s strength. With better aerodynamics, players will get the ability to hit very quick drive shots. Players can respond quickly to fast returns. And it can be an added advantage for the players in any competitive tournament or competition.

Aerotec Beam System

Also, the shape of the racket’s frame section has an extremely low drag coefficient and high intensity, reducing muscular fatigue, resulting in a competitive advantage and enabling the players to perform powerful and controlled shots on the court.

Rather than this, if your racket is indulged with this technology, you can easily play unreturnable smashes without compromising durability or stability.

Benefits of Aerotec Beam System

  • Minimize air resistance.
  • Provide more strength, power, and control to the racket frame.
  • Helps to improve the flexibility of the racket frame.
  • It holds an extremely low drag coefficient and high intensity that enable the players to perform fast strokes.

Final Words

So, Aerotec Beam System was introduced by the brand Li-Ning, and it provides more strength and power to the racket frame and allows the players to perform powerful smashes and strokes on the court against their opponent.

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