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All You Need To Know About Badminton | Infographic

All about badminton | infographic

Badminton is a racket sport invented long ago and has a great history, as it was known as Poona (named after the garrison town of Poona city), where it first originated. Later in 1887, the duke of Beaufort took this sport to England from India, where it got its name after the Duke of Beaufort’s House in Gloucestershire.

In 1887 BAE (Badminton Association of England), now known as BWF (Badminton World Federation), the governing body of this sport, launched the first official badminton rules at Dunbar House, located in Portsmouth.

Badminton was officially introduced to Olympics in 1992, held in Barcelona, and 178 Players from 37 different countries participated in Barcelona Olympics, and since then, Asian players have won 93 Olympic medals out of 103.

Rather than this, many national and international tournaments are held yearly, and many players participate in them.

And this infographic is helpful for those players who are beginners and have just started playing this sport:

All You Need To Know About Badminton | Infographic

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