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Top 10 Badminton Academies In India: (With Fee Structure)

Top 10 Badminton Academies In India

Badminton is the fastest racket sport in the world, and it takes a lot of physical fitness and muscle coordination to play this sport. It is a popular sport among aspiring athletes from all around India who want to pursue careers, and to date, many Indian athletes have outperformed great players repeatedly.

Players like Pullela Gopichand, Saina Nehwal, and PV Sindhu have been role models to these players, making the country proud with their consistent accomplishments. Today, many eager young athletes are participating in a sport that originated in India but developed in other regions of Asia. And India’s top badminton schools have been instrumental in developing these young talents.

India has made a huge historical contribution to the glory of this sport, and the spotlight today is on Indian badminton players worldwide, including Prakash Padukone and Pullela Gopichand.

If you are serious about your career in this sport and want to become a professional player, start at an early age of 10 or 15. A person who starts very young knows how to work on the skills and techniques. And also, the player will get enough time to decide which category he wants to play in.

So if you start at a very young age, you will understand the concepts better, and your mind will work efficiently and remember every important detail about this sport.

And still, if you are confused about how to make your career in this racket sport, then here are some of the best academies in India where you can learn and become a professional player:

Top 10 Badminton Academies in India

So let’s dive in and begin with:

1. Pullela Gopichand Academy

Pullela Gopichand Academy is a renowned sports training facility in Hyderabad, India. This academy was founded by a former Indian badminton player and the team’s current national coach, Pullela Gopichand. The academy was established in 2008 to nurture young talent and develop world-class badminton players in India.

Pullela Gopichand Badminton Academy

The academy has world-class amenities and provides its students with state-of-the-art infrastructure and training facilities. It has multiple courts, fitness centres, video analysis facilities, and accommodations for players. The academy’s training facilities and programs focus on the game’s various aspects, including technical skills, physical fitness, mental strength, and tactical awareness.

The academy has produced several notable players who have achieved international success. Some prominent players trained at the Pullela Gopichand Academy include Saina Nehwal, P. V. Sindhu, Kidambi Srikanth, and many others. These players have won numerous medals in prestigious tournaments like the Olympics, World Championships, and Commonwealth Games.

Apart from training elite players, the academy also conducts coaching programs for beginners and intermediate players who aspire to improve their badminton skills. The academy follows a holistic approach to training, focusing on the overall development of the players, including their physical fitness, mental conditioning, and technical proficiency.

The Pullela Gopichand Academy has played a significant role in popularizing and elevating the sport of badminton in India. It has contributed to the sport’s growth by identifying and nurturing young talents and providing them with world-class training and support. The academy’s success has made it a premier destination for aspiring badminton players in India. Also, it has played a crucial role in India’s rise as a dominant force at the international level.

Fee Structure of Pullela Gopichand Academy

According to the Gopichand Academic rules: There is no registration fee to join the academy. However, the monthly fee for members is about 2,500 INR, whereas the fee for non-members is about 3 125 INR monthly.

And if any player wants to avail of hostel facilities, one has to pay about 15,000 INR per month.

2. The Bhaskar Babu Li-Ning Academy

Bhaskar Babu Li-Ning Academy is the second-best indoor badminton training centre for players in India. The academy was founded by its current chief coach and former SAI badminton coach, Bhaskar Babu. He has personally trained some of our top players, like Saina Nehwal, B. Kiran Kumar, and Sudhir Babu.

The Bhaskar Babu Li-Ning Badminton Academy

The main aim of this academy is to build a strong foundation and produce some top athletes. The training facilities offer excellent coaches and infrastructure.

Rather than this, the Bhaskar Babu Li-Ning Academy provides world-class facilities to the players, as it has 12 wooden courts, a spa, and gym facility, a physiotherapy centre, an ice bath, a running track, a swimming pool, a canteen, and 24 x 7 medical facilities, which makes it one of the most suitable badminton academies for the players.

Fee Structure of Bhaskar Babu Li-Ning Academy

Bhaskar Babu Li-Ning Academy charges 3000 INR per month from a player for the basic facilities. And the players availing of hostel facilities are charged about 15,000 INR per month.

3. Prakash Padukone Academy

Prakash Padukone Academy is one of the most active academies in India. It was established in 1994 by the Indian badminton legend, a former world champion, and an iconic figure in Indian badminton. Shri Prakash Padukone is located in Banglore.

The academy is spread over 15 lush acres and aims to promote and develop badminton talent in India by providing world-class coaching and training facilities. It offers comprehensive training programs for players of all ages and skill levels, from beginners to elite athletes. The academy focuses on the holistic development of players, including technical skills, physical fitness, mental strength, and tactical understanding of the game.

Prakash Padukone Badminton Academy

The Prakash Padukone Academy has a team of experienced and qualified coaches who provide personalized attention and guidance to the players. The training programs cover various aspects of the game, including footwork, strokes, strategy, match analysis, and overall fitness training.

The academy has produced several successful badminton players who have represented India internationally. Notable players trained at the Prakash Padukone Badminton Academy include P. V. Sindhu, Ashwini Ponnappa, and many others.

Fee Structure of Prakash Padukone Academy

Prakash Padukone Academy charges 1500 INR as a registration fee from a player and 10,000 INR for a three-month training. Rather than this, there are annual programs too at discounted rates.

4. Global Badminton Academy

The Global Academy was co-founded by a top Indian player and Arjuna Award winner, Jwala Gutta, in 2017. This academy believes in training the players from a very young age and works to strengthen their basic skills and fundamentals. And the players also adhere to unique training regimens created in cooperation with famous badminton coach Syed Mohammad Arif.

Global Academy for Badminton

There are several branches of Global Academy across the country. Still, its main branch is located at Kukatpally, and Jwala Gutta is soon willing to open its second main branch in the city at Malkajgiri.

Talking about the academy’s top-notch facilities and infrastructure that help the players to compete at international level tournaments.: Basic amenities, three indoor courts, and comprehensive physical, nutritional & psychological, and technical support are also provided at the venue.

Fee Structure of Global Badminton Academy

The Global Academy is well known for its amazing facilities and infrastructure, but its fee structure is unclear.

5. MV Bisht Academy

MV Bisht Academy was established by the legendary Indian shuttler Madhumita Bisht in 2012 to develop badminton in India.

She has won the national championship in singles (9), doubles (9), and mixed doubles 29 times (12). She also excelled in many other ways, winning a bronze medal in the Asian Games in Delhi. She served as a mentor and was one of the core group coaches for the Indian badminton squad at the 2016 Summer Olympics in London. And in addition to the Arjuna Award, she received the Padma Shri in 2006.

MV Bisht Badminton Academy

It is one of Delhi’s top badminton schools is MV Bisht Badminton Academy. The Academy strongly emphasizes instilling discipline in the athletes, and the instructors work to improve the players’ all-around performance. Also, the academy offers a variety of specialized batches, from entry-level students to seasoned professionals.

The MV Bisht Academy has grown and now has three locations in Delhi. On its three indoor courts, the academy develops future Indian stars using cutting-edge training methods and specialized coaching under the direction of Virendar Singh.

Fee Structure of MV Bisht Academy

MV Bisht Academy charges 5000 INR per month from a player for the basic facilities and more for other facilities.

6. Chetan Anand Academy

An accomplished Indian badminton player and Arjuna Award recipient, Chetan Anand founded the Chetan Anand Academy. The Chetan Anand Academy is a renowned training institution in Hyderabad, India.

The Chetan Anand Academy aims to nurture young talent and provide professional coaching and training facilities to aspiring badminton players. The academy offers various training programs, including beginner’s coaching, advanced coaching, and specialized training for tournament-level players.

Chetan Anand Badminton Academy

Under Chetan Anand’s guidance, the academy enhances players’ skills, fitness, technique, and mental strength. The training sessions cover various aspects of the game, including stroke development, footwork, strategy, match play, and physical conditioning.

The Chetan Anand Academy has produced several promising players who have excelled nationally and internationally. The academy’s training infrastructure includes multiple courts, modern equipment, and experienced coaches, providing a conducive environment for players’ growth and development.

Fee Structure of Chetan Anand Academy

Chetan Anand Academy charges 1000 INR as a registration fee, and the monthly membership pricing for the players starts from 3000 INR onwards.

7. Surjit Singh Academy

The former senior coach at SAI established Surjit Singh academy, Surjit Singh, in 2005. It is one of Delhi’s best-known badminton academies and has produced several national and international players.

Surjit Singh Badminton Academy

The SSBA boasts a stunning centre with first-rate amenities for players of all ages. Players have a selection of slots to choose from. National and worldwide champions are what SSBA strives to produce.
The institution offers a variety of unique curricula so that students can select one and succeed.

Fee Structure of Surjit Singh Academy

Surjit Singh Academy charges 2,000 INR monthly to non-members and 1,500 INR monthly to members.

8. United Shuttlers Academy

A famous badminton couple established United Shuttlers Academy, Ajay Kanwar, and Manjusha Kanwar, in 2011.

During his playing career, Ajay Kanwar represented India in the Thomas Cup, International Championships, and World Badminton Championships. On the other hand Manjusha Kanwar, his better half, also holds several titles.

United Shuttlers Badminton Academy

Ajay and Manjusha are the senior coaches in the academy, and rather than these two, there are six other coaches at the national and international levels, training the players.

Fee Structure of United Shuttlers Academy

United Shuttlers Academy charges about 1,500-2,000 INR monthly from the players.

9. Ardor Badminton Academy

The Ardor Academy (ABA) was established by the former badminton coach Arun Khurana and is one of the recently established academies in India and is an excellent place to start your badminton career.

Ardor Badminton Academy

The academy is well known for having expert professionals on board. And the coaches here are approachable and work to responsibly boost the players’ morale. There are four indoor courts in the academy right now. The training facility is a respectable place to develop your passion for badminton and has all the modern amenities you’ll need.

Fee Structure of Ardor Academy

Depending on the training center, Ardor Academy charges about 1,000-1,500 INR from a player.

10. Malik Badminton Academy

The Malik Academy was established by Harinder Malik and Satinder Malik in 2012 in Sonipat, Haryana. The academy attracts students of all levels and has the greatest badminton program in the North.

Malik Badminton Academy

The academy gives people all the tools they need to advance their abilities to the maximum level. The training facility has cutting-edge equipment and provides fantastic opportunities for aspiring badminton players.

Fee Structure of Malik Academy

At Malik Badminton Academy, the cost of one month of coaching ranges from 3,000-15,000 INR.

Final Words

So these were some of India’s most reputed and well-known badminton academies that provided excellent training to the players and helped them achieve their goals.

Also, remember, starting at a young age and choosing one of the good academies is not enough. You also need to get a good coach who plays a vital role in your career. After joining an academy, you must pay close attention to what your coach teaches you and make the best possible use of coaching.

It will also help you understand the game, handle the pressure during it, and prepare you for the future. Rather than this, one must keep practising and work hard to become a professional badminton player.

And in case you face any problems or have any questions going through your mind regarding this post, then feel free to ask us or pin it up in the comment section below.

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