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What is Tri-Voltage System Technology In Badminton Rackets

Use of Tri-voltage system technology in badminton rackets

You might have seen a regular racket holds extra weight on the top of its frame, which helps increase its hitting power, but at the same point, it reduces the speed of racket handling. In contrast, a lighter top to the frame increases speed but causes a loss of hitting power.

And to solve this problem, Yonex has discovered a feature for the first time, which is known as Tri-Voltage System. It helps in combining the contrasting characteristics of exceptional power and excellent handling. Rather than this it also add strength and stability to the frame.

Tri Voltage System

Tri-Voltage System technology was designed by the brand Yonex, and the Yonex Voltric series badminton racket features Tri-Voltage System.

The first Yonex Voltric Series badminton racket was released in late 2010 to replace the Yonex Armortec series. The Voltric series is similar to the Armortec in weighting the range of 84 grams for the higher model and a racket weight balance toward the head for both Voltric and Armortec series.

With the help of this fantastic feature, Yonex has developed a racket that provides an impressive feel to the players, like the combination of heavy smashes and speedy racquet handling.

Now let me explain you how it works:

Tri-Voltage System offers you more power

Tri-Voltage System offers you more power

The stiff frame structure of the racket at the top helps the head to bend in a controlled way and allows the players to hold the shuttlecock on the string bed for longer.

The racket frame’s thin sides help transfer more power while hitting the shuttlecock and allow a player to perform powerful strokes and smashes on the court.

Tri-Voltage System offers you more agility

Tri-Voltage System offers you more power

In Yonex Voltric Series rackets, the weight is distributed among the head of the frame and at the joint area, which provides good handling while also maintaining power.

The thin sides of the racket’s frame and its head helps to reduce air resistance and improve the handling further.

It allows the players to swing the racket fully, even while playing short-range rallies.

Tri-Voltage System offers you strong sounding

Sound Filter is another innovative Yonex technology that uses new materials which help to reduce only high-pitched and dull soundwaves.

Also, it produces louder and sharper sounds on impact to unsettle opponents and provides a more aggressive tone to your game for a relentlessly attacking style of play.

Final words

The tri-Voltage system only indulges in the Yonex Voltric Series badminton rackets, making the racket more effective, durable, strong, and powerful. It also allows you to play powerful smashes, transfer more energy to your shots, and even play short-range rallies.

Yonex Voltric Series rackets are suitable for players looking for a fast attacking style of play.

So, if you buy any Yonex Voltric Series racket, then you can see and feel all these features in that particular racket.

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