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Home » What Is Aero-Box Frame In Badminton Rackets?

What Is Aero-Box Frame In Badminton Rackets?

What Is Aero-Box Frame In Badminton Rackets?

The frame of badminton rackets is made up of different materials, which makes them durable, and for advanced badminton players, technology and the material makes a big difference.

These frames are usually categorized into three types, which I will explain below.

And with the naked eye, a player can often tell from the frame which category it belongs to and what type of technology they are indulging in. Players often choose a racket frame based on their playing speed, all-around skills, and strength.

So, here I am with this post to help you learn more about the racket frames and the different technologies indulged in them:

Different types of racket frames

There are generally three different racket frames:

1. Power Frames

Power frames look flatter and wider from a top view. These frames feel more stable and extra solid than others and offer more shock absorption. Rather than this, it provides an extra sensation while performing powerful smashes. But these frames have more air resistance or are less maneuverable.

2. All-round Frames

All-round frames are less flat and wide than a power frame and are indulged with different technologies from the ‘speed’ and ‘power’ series. It is best suitable for those badminton players who want to play on both power and speed.

3. Speed Frames

Speed frames hold a sharp edge and are thinner than other frames. These frames provide maximum aerodynamics to the players and give higher acceleration in a fast strokes.

Rather than this, these frames are effective for defense, counter-attacks, and feints where last-minute acceleration is crucial.

Types of racket frames technologies

There are usually two different types of racket frames:

1. Box Frame

A simple yet highly effective design that provides structural stability to the frame preventing it from twisting during powerful smash shots.

Rather than this, a box-frame design has an ultra-stiff profile that creates a solid feel.

Benefits of Box-Frame

  • Increases racket strength.
  • Best for offensive gameplay.
  • Provides an amazing and solid feel to the players while hitting the shuttlecock.

2. Aero-Box Frame

Aero-box frame is usually designed to reduce drag yet maintain the structural integrity of a traditional box frame.

The aero-box frame aerodynamically contoured the racket and combines a solid hitting feel. It helps to minimize air resistance so that air can flow faster across the curved surface while swinging the racket, which lets you perform fast swings and helps transfer more speed and power into hits with more accuracy.

Aero-Box Frame

Benefits of Aero-Box Frame

  • Aero-Box frames are strong and stiffer.
  • Allows more power transfer.
  • Minimizes air-resistance.
  • Increases swing speed.

Final Words

Box frame and Aero-box racket frame hold different features as a box-frame racket design has an ultra-stiff profile that provides a solid feel to the players while hitting the shuttle.

On the other hand, the Aero-box racket frame minimizes air resistance and lets you perform fast swings. While the combination of the two certainly helps improve the racket’s overall characteristics.

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