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Best Badminton Rackets Under 6000 in India

Best badminton rackets under 6000

The badminton racket stands as the cornerstone of equipment essential for every player, exerting a significant influence on their performance on the court. Despite common misconceptions, even novice players must recognize the pivotal role of the racket in their gameplay.

Selecting the appropriate racket tailored to your skill and game level is paramount, as it can substantially impact your badminton experience. Investing in a high-quality racket not only enhances your play but also contributes to overall performance.

However, the abundance of options available in the market necessitates careful consideration and research to identify the ideal racket for your needs. To aid in this endeavor, this article presents a curated list of top rackets readily accessible for less than 6000 INR.

So let’s dive in:

Top 10 Badminton Rackets Under 6000

Let’s begin with:

1. Li-Ning Windstorm 78s

Li-Ning Windstrom 78s

The Li-Ning Windstorm 78s stands out as a powerful and explosive choice, tailored especially for offensive-minded players. Crafted from a blend of carbon and graphite, this racket boasts robustness and durability while maintaining an ultra-lightweight profile, tipping the scales at a mere 78 grams and offering a G5 grip size.

If you seek a racket that aligns seamlessly with your offensive gameplay, the Li-Ning Windstorm 78s emerges as the top contender. Providing players with a harmonious blend of power, control, and balance, it excels particularly during power rallies.

Noteworthy is its exceptional string tension capability, easily accommodating up to 30 lbs of tension.

Technologies and special features

Li-Ning has integrated the following features into the Windstorm 78s racket:

  • Aerotec beam system:

The Aerotec beam system Minimizes air resistance, ensuring seamless maneuverability through the air.

  • Dynamic optimum frame

The dynamic optimum frame Extends the sweet spot upwards, enhancing hitting velocity and control.

  • UHB shaft

The UHB shaft Facilitates a frontal bending point, amplifying smash speed and power.

  • Super light technology

Reduces air resistance and enhances swing speed, affording players increased sensitivity, control, and flexibility for precise strikes on the court.

Who should buy it?

The Li-Ning Windstorm 78s caters primarily to advanced-level players seeking a fine balance of control and power during intense power rallies.


  • Super lightweight design.
  • Exceptional durability.
  • Isometric head shape.
  • Ideal for intermediate and advanced players.
  • Offers impressive power and control.


  • Not recommended for beginners or amateur players

2. Yonex Nanoray 70 Light

Yonex Nanoray 70 Light

Introducing the Yonex Nanoray 70 Light: a pinnacle within the Rudy Hartono Signature series of rackets, meticulously crafted from high-quality graphite and infused with cutting-edge technologies. This racket is engineered to deliver unparalleled speed and formidable repulsion power on the court.

The design and structure of the Nanoray 70 Light are exceptional. Featuring an aero+box dynamic frame, it effectively reduces air resistance, facilitating swift airflow across its curved surface during each swing. This innovative design translates into enhanced power and speed, elevating your game to new heights.

Furthermore, the Nanoray 70 Light boasts a headlight configuration and is capable of withstanding string tension of up to 30 lbs, making it an optimal choice for both intermediate and advanced players seeking precision and performance.

Rather than this, Nanoray 70 Light is a budget-friendly racket that is readily available in the market in the black colour variant.

Technologies and special features

Yonex has engineered the Nanoray 70 Light racket with an array of advanced features:

  • Nanocell Neo

Nanocell Neo is an innovative flexible graphite material integrated into the racket, enhancing both stability and flexibility during gameplay.

  • Built in T-Joint

The racket is equipped with a robust T-Joint, facilitating seamless connection between the frame and shaft. Embedded with carbon particles, this joint serves to dampen vibrations and fortify the bond between the components.

This construction effectively minimizes torque generated by both the frame and shaft, as well as reduces lateral twisting during off-center shots. The result is superior power transmission and enhanced control over every stroke.

  • Nanomesh+Carbon Nanotube

Yonex employs cutting-edge structural materials such as nanomesh and carbon nanotube in crafting the shaft and frame of the Nanoray series rackets. These exclusive materials significantly enhance the racket’s repulsion power, durability, and resilience to impact.

  • Aero+Box Frame

The Aero+Box frame is designed to enhance the aerodynamics of the racket while providing a solid hitting experience. By contouring the racket aerodynamically, it effectively reduces air resistance during swings, allowing for faster airflow across its curved surface. This feature facilitates swift swings, enabling players to transfer speed and power more efficiently into their shots with greater precision.

Who should buy it?

“The Yonex Nanoray 70 Light is an exceptional badminton racket known for its incredible speed and responsive performance, making it ideal for singles players who excel in fast-paced games and rely on explosive power.


  • The Yonex Nanoray 70 Light stands out for its featherlight design, enabling effortless maneuverability on the court.
  • Its balanced construction ensures easy handling and precise control, allowing players to execute shots with accuracy.
  • Known for its remarkable repulsion power, this racket offers both strength and resilience, promising long-lasting performance.
  • Despite its high-quality features, the Nanoray 70 Light remains budget-friendly, making it an excellent choice for players seeking value and performance.
  • Tailored to suit the needs of intermediate and advanced players, this racket caters to those who demand speed, power, and control.
  • With a comfortable grip and an isometric head shape, the Nanoray 70 Light ensures a comfortable and stable feel during gameplay.


  • Due to its advanced features and characteristics, this racket may not be the best option for amateur or novice players who are still developing their skills.
  • While suitable for intermediate and advanced players, the Nanoray 70 Light may not meet the specific requirements of professional-level gameplay.

3. Yonex Astrox 100 Game

Yonex Astrox 100 Game

The Yonex Astrox 100 Game takes cues from the acclaimed Yonex Astrox 100 ZZ, the flagship model of the renowned company. Engineered with a blend of HM graphite, tungsten, and Nanomesh Neo, this racket showcases cutting-edge technology in racquet construction.

Nanomesh Neo, the latest breakthrough in racquet materials, elevates the racket’s performance by delivering unparalleled flexibility, power, and control when combined with HM graphite.

Distinguishing itself from standard Yonex rackets, the Astrox 100 Game features an extended shaft length of 10mm. This elongated shaft enhances momentum, facilitating superior power transfer to the shuttlecock during gameplay.

Moreover, the Astrox 100 Game is designed to withstand string tension of up to 29 lbs. Optimal performance can be achieved by pairing it with strings such as Aerobite Boost or BG66 Force, ensuring an exceptional playing experience.

Technologies and Special Features

Yonex has intricately designed the Astrox 100 Game racket, integrating a variety of cutting-edge features to enhance players’ performance on the court.

Nanomesh Neo

The Astrox 100 Game racket boasts a durable and flexible frame, enhancing power generation through improved shaft flex.

Aero+Box Frame

Featuring an Aero+Box frame, this racket seamlessly combines a solid hitting sensation with agile swing capabilities.

Rotational Generator System

Employing the counterbalance theory, the Rotational Generator System evenly disperses weight across the grip end, frame top, and joint, ensuring optimal control. This innovative design facilitates smooth and rapid transitions to the next shot.

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    Energy Boost Cap

    The Energy Boost Cap, an innovative shaft design, enhances flexibility, allowing for maximum impact of the ‘Namd’ material. This results in increased flexibility and faster recoil, boosting overall performance on the court. Moreover, it stabilizes the racket face, minimizing shaft twisting and improving control during gameplay.

    Built-in T-Joint

    The Astrox 100 Game features a Built-in T-Joint, reinforcing the connection between the frame and shaft. This design element effectively eliminates head twist, providing players with enhanced control over their shots.

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Who Should Buy It?

The Astrox 100 Game is ideal for control players and hard hitters seeking maximum power on the court.


  • Budget-friendly option.
  • Easy to handle and maneuver, offering enhanced control.
  • Enables powerful smashes, catering to players who prioritize strength in their shots.
  • Suited for intermediate and advanced players.
  • Shares similar features with the Astrox 100 ZZ model.


  • Not recommended for beginners or amateur players.

4. Yonex Astrox 7DG

Yonex Astrox 7DG

The Yonex Astrox 7 DG is a dynamic racket designed for offensive play, engineered to deliver powerful smashes and strategic shots that keep opponents on edge.

Equipped with Yonex’s innovative Logical Generator Technology, the Astrox 7 DG facilitates seamless transitions between forehand smashes and lightning-fast backhand flips. This cutting-edge technology enhances agility and precision, empowering players to dictate the pace of the game.

One of its standout features is its ability to withstand high string tension, boasting a maximum limit of 35 lbs. This allows players to customize their string setup for optimal power and control, elevating their performance on the court.

In the mid-range series, the Yonex Astrox 7DG utilizes high-modulus graphite construction to achieve lightweight yet robust shots. This translates to sharper angles and an aggressive attacking style, giving players the edge to dominate every rally.

Whether you’re unleashing thunderous smashes or executing swift maneuvers, the Yonex Astrox 7 DG empowers players with the tools they need to command the game and emerge victorious.

Technologies and Special Features

Yonex has equipped the Astrox 7 DG racket with cutting-edge technologies designed to enhance performance:

  1. Nanomesh Neo: This technology strengthens the frame while maintaining flexibility, allowing for maximum power generation through increased shaft flex.
  2. Aero+Box Frame: The Aero+Box frame design combines solidity for a satisfying hitting feel with swift swing capabilities, enabling players to react swiftly during intense rallies.
  3. Isometric Head Shape: The Astrox 7 DG’s isometric head shape provides an expanded string area, offering players a larger sweet spot and increased responsiveness for precise shots, minimizing the chances of missing the shuttlecock.
  4. Rotational Generator System: Utilizing the counterbalance theory, the Rotational Generator System evenly distributes weight throughout the grip end, handle, and racket frame. This configuration enhances control and maneuverability, allowing players to execute shots with precision and confidence.
  5. Built-in T-Joint: The inclusion of a T-Joint in the Astrox 7 DG reduces torque from both the frame and shaft, minimizing lateral twisting during off-center shots. This results in improved power transfer and control, contributing to a more stable and durable racket structure.

The T-Joint not only enhances the racket’s stability and durability but also optimizes control performance, seamlessly integrating with the overall racket structure to provide players with an edge on the court.

Who Should Buy It?

The Yonex Astrox 7DG is tailored for intermediate and advanced players seeking to elevate their game with powerful backhand and forehand shots, as well as thunderous smashes.


  • Pocket-friendly: Offers excellent value for its performance features.
  • Lightweight: Facilitates swift maneuverability and agility on the court.
  • Durable and Robust: Constructed with quality materials for long-lasting performance.
  • Offensive and Powerful: Engineered to deliver aggressive play and dominate rallies.
  • Easy to Handle: Provides comfortable grip and control, allowing for quick adjustments mid-game.
  • Empowers Powerful Smashes: Designed to unleash formidable smashes with ease.


  • Not Suitable for Beginners: Due to its advanced features and demanding performance capabilities, the Astrox 7DG may not be ideal for novice or amateur players.

5. Yonex Astrox 99 Game

Yonex Astrox 99 Game

The Yonex Astrox 99 Game stands out as an exceptional racket tailored for players who prioritize power, speed, and precision to clinch victories on the court.

Crafted with a head-heavy design and a stiff shaft, the Astrox 99 Game is engineered to deliver unmatched power in every shot. This feature makes it an ideal choice for players seeking to amplify the force behind their swings while maintaining control over their gameplay.

Furthermore, the slim shaft of the Astrox 99 Game enhances maneuverability and control, allowing players to execute swift and precise movements with ease. This combination of power and agility empowers players to dominate rallies and dictate the pace of the game.

Utilizing high-quality materials such as graphite, Namd, and tungsten, the Astrox 99 Game boasts exceptional stiffness and responsiveness. This ensures unparalleled control and accuracy, enabling players to execute shots with pinpoint precision and confidence.

With its advanced technologies and sleek design, the Yonex Astrox 99 Game emerges as the ultimate choice for players determined to elevate their performance and take their game to new heights.

Technologies and Special Features

Yonex has engineered the Astrox 99 Game racket with state-of-the-art technologies to enhance performance:

  1. Nanomesh Neo: Utilizing nanometric technology, this feature enhances the bonding strength between carbon fibers, resulting in a racket that is exceptionally stable and durable, ensuring consistent performance over time.
  2. Aero+Box Frame: The Aero+Box frame design combines a box-shaped frame with aerodynamic features, allowing for increased swing speed and power generation. This innovation enables players to deliver swift and forceful shots with ease.
  3. Energy Boost Cap: Integrated into the end of the grip, the Energy Boost Cap maximizes energy transfer from the player’s hand to the racket head, optimizing power and control for every shot. This technology enhances the racket’s responsiveness and ensures a dynamic performance on the court.
  4. Counterbalance Theory: By distributing the racket’s weight evenly throughout the frame and handle, the Counterbalance Theory enhances stability and control during gameplay. This allows players to execute controlled swings with precision and accuracy, especially when delivering powerful shots.
  5. Power Assist Bumper: The Power Assist Bumper features a tungsten-infused nylon bumper attached to enforce heavier, more powerful hits. This configuration directs the weight into the shuttlecock upon impact, amplifying the force behind each shot and delivering devastating smashes.

Who should buy it?

Yonex Astrox 99 Game an ideal match for intermediate and advanced badminton players, who are looking for more power and precise control while hitting the shuttlecock.


  • Flexibility: The Astrox 99 Game offers a versatile playing experience, accommodating various play styles with its flexible design.
  • Ease of Handling: Designed for effortless maneuverability, this racket ensures players can swiftly react to fast-paced rallies with precision.
  • Powerful and Robust: Engineered to deliver exceptional power, the Astrox 99 Game enables players to dominate the court with authoritative shots.
  • Speed Enhancement: Enhances player speed, facilitating swift movements and dynamic gameplay.
  • Controlled Shots: Provides the capability to execute controlled shots with pinpoint accuracy, ensuring consistent performance in every rally.


  • Not Suitable for Beginners: Due to its advanced features and demanding performance capabilities, the Astrox 99 Game may not be suitable for novice or amateur players seeking a more forgiving racket.

6. Yonex Nanoray Light 18i

Yonex Nanoray Light 18i

The Yonex Nanoray Light 18i sets a new standard in headlight series with its revolutionary frame design, focusing on improved grip and rapid racket-handling techniques.

Crafted entirely from graphite, the Nanoray Light 18i caters to beginners and players aiming to enhance the power behind their shots. Weighing approximately 75-79.9 grams, it ranks among the latest ultra-lightweight rackets available.

Perfect for beginners venturing onto the court for the first time, this racket offers effortless handling and maneuverability. However, its benefits extend beyond beginners; intermediates and defensive players can also leverage its lightweight construction, particularly for outdoor play.

With a blend of graphite, aluminum, and carbon fiber, the Nanoray Light 18i ensures durability and resilience, establishing itself as one of the sturdiest rackets on the market.

Technologies and Special Features

Yonex has integrated the Nanoray Light 18i racket with cutting-edge features:

  1. Nanoscience Technology: The Nanoray Light 18i incorporates streamlined aerodynamic nanoscience technology within the shaft, providing stiff flex and unparalleled repulsion power. Tailored for lightning-fast shots, this technology enhances performance on the court.
  2. Isometric Head Shape: Featuring a square-shaped frame, this racket maintains consistent vertical string length and expands the horizontal strings’ sweet spot, optimizing accuracy and power in every shot.
  3. Aero-Box Frame: The aerodynamically contoured top frame allows for faster airflow across the curved surface during racket swings. This design facilitates increased speed, power, and accuracy, translating into more impactful hits.
  • Control Support Cap

    The Control Support Cap boasts an 88% wider flat surface, facilitating easy gripping, swift follow-through, and unparalleled maneuverability on the court.

    Built-in T-Joint

    The Yonex Nanoray Light 18i features a built-in T-Joint, where the racket’s frame connects to the shaft. This T-Joint enhances the frame’s strength and provides torsional stability to the racket during gameplay.

    Who Should Buy It?

    Ideal for both singles and doubles badminton players, the Yonex Nanoray Light 18i caters to diverse playing styles. Singles players benefit from its lightweight design, enabling them to generate immense power in their shots effortlessly. In doubles, where speed is crucial, the racket’s lightweight construction empowers players to master their gameplay with swift movements.


    • Robust and Durable: Constructed to withstand rigorous gameplay, the Nanoray Light 18i offers long-lasting durability.
    • Budget-Friendly: Providing exceptional performance at an affordable price point, this racket offers great value for money.
    • Easy to Handle and Maintain: With its user-friendly design, the Nanoray Light 18i is effortless to handle and requires minimal maintenance.
    • Stiff Flex Shaft: The stiff flex shaft enhances power and control, ensuring consistent performance on the court.
    • Best for Beginners: Designed with beginner players in mind, the Nanoray Light 18i offers a forgiving playing experience, allowing newcomers to hone their skills with confidence.


    • Not Suitable for Professional Players: Due to its beginner-friendly features and characteristics, the Nanoray Light 18i may not meet the performance expectations of professional players seeking advanced features and capabilities.

7. Yonex Carbonex 8000 Plus

Yonex Carbonex 8000 Plus

For intermediate players seeking to refine their shots and elevate their game to the next level, the Yonex Carbonex 8000 Plus stands out as one of the top choices. This racket offers high resilience and increased strength to enhance your performance on the court.

Featuring a lightweight yet powerful design, the Carbonex 8000 Plus enables you to navigate intense matches and rigorous practice sessions without compromising accuracy and control. It serves as a formidable tool for power players, propelling you to new heights in your badminton journey.

Indulged with advanced technologies and features, including a built-in T-Joint and box frame, the Carbonex 8000 Plus is engineered to absorb shock upon striking the shuttlecock. This unique frame design provides you with enhanced control over your shots while delivering powerful strokes with precision.


Technologies and Special Features

Yonex has incorporated cutting-edge features into the Carbonex 8000 Plus racket:

  1. Dura Frame Technology: Embedded within the Yonex racket frame, Dura Frame Technology enhances durability and provides a solid feel with improved face stability. This ensures consistent performance and longevity on the court.
  2. Carbon Nanotube: Exclusive carbon nanotubes are strategically inserted into the racket shaft or frame. The precise placement of CS carbon nanotubes enhances the frame’s elasticity, resulting in increased repulsion power, toughness, and strength. This technology effectively holds the shuttlecock on the racket string bed for extended periods, allowing for precise and powerful shots.
  3. Box Frame: The Carbonex 8000 Plus features an extra stiff box frame, offering a solid and stable feel upon impact with the shuttlecock. This ensures maximum control and accuracy during gameplay, allowing players to execute shots with confidence.
  • Elastic-Ti Technology

    The Yonex Carbonex 8000 Plus incorporates Elastic-Ti Technology, offering high resilience and increased strength to enhance your performance on the court.

    Built-in T-Joint

    Featuring a built-in T-Joint, the Carbonex 8000 Plus seamlessly connects the frame to the shaft. Embedded with carbon particles, this T-Joint reduces vibration and strengthens the fusion of the two components. This innovative construction minimizes torque from both the frame and shaft, as well as lateral twisting during off-center shots, resulting in improved power transfer and control.

    Who Should Buy It?

    The Yonex Carbonex 8000 Plus is an ideal choice for both beginners and intermediate players seeking a blend of control and power in their shots. Whether you’re just starting out or refining your skills, this racket provides exceptional performance on the court.

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  • All-Round Racket: The Yonex Carbonex 8000 Plus excels in various aspects of gameplay, making it a versatile choice for players of all skill levels.
  • Budget-Friendly: Offering exceptional performance at an affordable price point, this racket provides great value for money.
  • Lightweight: With its lightweight design, the Carbonex 8000 Plus ensures swift and agile movements on the court.
  • Durable and Robust: Constructed with quality materials, this racket boasts durability and resilience, standing up to the rigors of intense gameplay.
  • Amazing Power: The Carbonex 8000 Plus delivers impressive power, allowing players to execute shots with authority and precision.
  • Easy to Handle and Control: Designed for effortless handling, this racket provides players with enhanced control over their shots.
  • Ideal for Beginner and Intermediate Players: Suited for players at various skill levels, from beginners to intermediate, the Carbonex 8000 Plus offers a balance of power and control.


  • Not Ideal for Professional Players: While suitable for recreational and competitive play, the Carbonex 8000 Plus may not meet the performance expectations of professional badminton players seeking advanced features and capabilities.

8. Yonex Astrox 3DG

Yonex Astrox 3DG

The Yonex Astrox 3DG emerges as the latest addition to the Astrox series, boasting a durable grade graphite frame capable of withstanding string tensions of up to 35 lbs. Weighing approximately 83 grams, this racket combines lightweight agility with robust performance.

Crafted with high-modulus graphite material and an HM graphite shaft infused with Nanomesh technology, the Astrox 3DG delivers unparalleled racket performance. The strategic integration of Nanomesh enhances shaft flexibility, allowing for controlled racket flex during gameplay.

One of its standout features is the Control Cap, enhancing racket maneuverability for sharper and more precise responses on the court. Additionally, the Astrox 3DG incorporates Yonex’s innovative Rotation Generation System, redistributing weight across the racket frame to optimize handling and control.

Technologies and Special Features

Yonex has equipped the Astrox 3DG racket with cutting-edge features:

  1. Built-in T-Joint: The Yonex Built-in T-Joint creates a robust, torque-free one-piece frame by deeply molding into the layers of graphite where the frame meets the shaft.
  2. Isometric Head Shape: The isometric head shape of the Yonex Astrox 3DG increases the sweet spot by 7%*, optimizing the intersection of the main and cross strings for a larger sweet spot compared to conventional round frames.
  3. Control Support Cap: Offering 88% wider flat surface than typical racquets, the Control Support Cap ensures smoother grip, quick follow-through, and superior mobility on the court.
  4. Rotational Generator System: Applying the counterbalance theory, weight is distributed throughout the grip end, frame top, and joint for maximum control. This enables smooth transition between shots with rapid succession.
  5. Nanomesh Neo: Incorporating Nanomesh Neo technology encourages speedier shaft take-back. This material, combined with graphite fiber and resin, creates a stronger and more flexible frame, allowing for increased energy transfer to the shuttle on smash and drive strokes.

Who Should Buy It?

The Yonex Astrox 3DG is tailored for players seeking aggressive attacking play, relentlessly dominating opponents with steep and powerful attacks.


  • Budget-Friendly: Offering high performance at an affordable price point.
  • Long-lasting and Strong: Constructed with durable materials for extended durability on the court.
  • Easy to Control and Handle: Provides excellent maneuverability and control, allowing for precise shot placement.
  • Offensive and Powerful Racket: Engineered to deliver formidable power, ideal for aggressive playing styles.
  • Isometric Head Shape: Enhances the sweet spot, optimizing shot accuracy and consistency.
  • Easy Grip Change: Facilitates quick and effortless grip changes during gameplay.


  • Not Suitable for Amateur and Beginners: Due to its advanced features and demanding performance capabilities, the Astrox 3DG may not be suitable for novice players seeking a more forgiving racket.

9. Head Nano Power 60

Head Nano Power 60

Head Nano Power 60: Unleashing Power and Precision

The Head Nano Power 60 boasts a fusion of titanium and carbon graphite, amplifying the racket’s resilience and durability. This unique blend ensures heightened resistance, ideal for players seeking longevity and performance in their equipment.

Enhanced Performance Features:

1. Robust Construction: Crafted with a titanium body, this racket not only fortifies your shots but also endures rigorous gameplay. The integration of carbon graphite further reinforces its structural integrity, promising prolonged efficiency on the court.

2. Superior Stability: A single molding of titanium strategically distributes weight, enhancing stability and consistency in every shot. This design element ensures a more controlled gameplay experience, empowering players to maintain precision throughout their matches.

3. Innovative Head Power Frame System: The Nano Power 60 showcases Head’s signature head power frame system, optimizing string alignment to expand the racket’s sweet spot. This technology facilitates precise and consistent shots, granting players an edge in their performance.

Technological Advancements:

  • Head Power Frame System: Integral to the Nano Power series, this system ensures equal string length for heightened accuracy and power in shots.
  • Isometric Head Shape: Engineered with an isometric head shape, this racket maximizes the sweet spot, promoting consistent performance across all directions.
  • Nano-Technology Integration: Infused with nano-materials, the graphite construction of the Nano Power 60 is fortified, resulting in a stable racket capable of delivering formidable power on the court.

Target Audience:

Ideal for beginners and intermediate players with an offensive gameplay style, the Head Nano Power 60 offers versatility and performance tailored to their needs.


  • Stability and Lightweight Construction: Balanced design ensures stability without compromising agility.
  • Flexibility and User-Friendly: Easy to maneuver, making it suitable for players of varying skill levels.
  • Equipped with Power Frame System: Enhances power and precision in every shot, granting players a competitive advantage.
  • Optimal for Beginners and Intermediates: Designed to accommodate players at different skill levels, providing a platform for skill development.
  • Amplified Shot Power: Empowers players to execute powerful smashes and shots with ease, elevating their gameplay experience.


10. Li-Ning Wind Lite 900

Li-Ning Wind Lite 900

Experience Unparalleled Agility with the Li-Ning Wind Lite 900 Series

Derived from the renowned Ultra-light Windstorm Series, the Wind Lite 900 Series from Li-Ning epitomizes lightweight performance. Weighing a mere 80 grams, the Wind Lite 900 offers unparalleled agility on the court, accentuated by its head-light weight distribution.

Enhanced Power and Agility:

  • Medium-Flexible Shaft: The Wind Lite 900’s medium-flexible shaft enhances power generation, complemented by its high tension rating. This combination ensures a well-balanced racket, providing players with both agility and strength during gameplay.

Technological Advancements:

  • Dynamic Optimum Frame: Leveraging an isometric frame design concept, the dynamic optimum frame enlarges the sweet spot area and elevates the hitting point, optimizing the racket’s mechanical structure for enhanced attack and defense capabilities.
  • Powered by Windstorm: Featuring a Medium-Flex Shaft, the Wind Lite 900 embodies the lightweight prowess of the Windstorm racquets, empowering players to generate more power with every stroke.
  • High Tensile Slim Shaft: Engineered with TB Nano Carbon Fiber, the high tensile slim shaft offers an incredibly light frame without compromising on stress rating. This allows for stringing the racket with high tension up to 30 lbs, ensuring optimal performance on the court.
  • Aerotec Beam System: The Aerotec Beam System boasts an aerodynamic frame structure, meticulously crafted to minimize air resistance while maintaining frame strength. This design facilitates swift drive shots and enables players to swiftly respond to fast returns, providing a competitive edge in tournaments and competitions.

Target Audience:

Ideal for players across all skill levels, the Li-Ning Wind Lite 900 caters to beginners, intermediate, and advanced players alike. Its enhanced power generation capability makes it particularly suitable for defensive players seeking to elevate their game.


  • Lightweight Construction: Designed for agility without compromising on durability, the Wind Lite 900 offers effortless maneuverability on the court.
  • Budget-Friendly Option: Providing exceptional performance at a reasonable price point, the Wind Lite 900 is accessible to players of varying budgets.
  • Robust and Long-Lasting: Built to withstand rigorous gameplay, this racket promises durability and longevity, ensuring sustained performance over time.
  • Suitable for Intermediate and Advanced Players: Offering a blend of agility and power, the Wind Lite 900 caters to the needs of players seeking to refine their skills and elevate their gameplay.


  • Not Recommended for Professional Players: While suitable for players across different skill levels, the Wind Lite 900 may not meet the specific requirements of professional-level competition.

Final Words

So these were some of India’s top 10 badminton rackets under 6000. Therefore, match the racket factors with your game level before purchasing the correct equipment. And when your level of play changes, keep changing your racket to suit your level.

Also, you need not worry about the racket’s price and durability because these are super budget-friendly rackets, designed and manufactured by the top brands and tested before launching.

If you face any problems or have any questions going through your mind, feel free to ask us or pin them up in the comment section below.

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